Son of Water Cage

I tend to think that a creative person is a creative person, whatever the medium.  Here’s something I did recently, in the medium of PVC pipe.  Meet Son of Water Cage.

Step 1

Here it is as its skeleton is beginning to come together.  I built the original Water Cage a few years ago in Idaho, where I had the advantage of two hoses in the backyard… i.e., more water pressure.  Here, with my single hose, I wanted to get a similar experience.

Step 2

So the answer was less pipe.  Water Cage had four pipes rising vertically, and I gave Son of Water Cage only two.  It sways a bit in a strong breeze, but is stable (like a New York City skyscraper, ha!).


And here it is in action, upon the Famous Lawn.  Holes drilled into the inward-facing sides of the pipe, irregular and pointing at different angles, fill the space inside with many little jets of water and leave space to run through.

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