You’re Talking to the Wrong Guy

“This is all just sympathetic magic,” Irving sniffed.  “James George Frazer?  The Golden Bough?

“Nope,” Mike frowned.  “You’re talking to the wrong guy.  The guy you want got bit by a snake and is lying in a coma in a topless bar.”

“Look, it’s simple.  Like produces like.  So if you don’t want the gods to see, you set up their images and you blind the images.”

“Why the four sons of Horus?” Mike asked.  “What about all the other gods, like… uh, Odin and Odysseus?”

“The four sons of Horus stand for the four cardinal directions,” Irving said thoughtfully, “and the four seasons.  They represent the whole universe.”

All the gods,” Mike said.  “I get it.  So we take off their hoods and then what?  The gods see and step in?”

Irving shrugged.  “I don’t really know.  I think these things are all intricately tied together, so hopefully if we take the hoods off, it crashes the whole summoning.  Or maybe, yeah, whoever it is that put Apep in his cage in the first place jumps in to keep him there.  Ra the Sun God in some stories, or Bast, who had the head of a cat.”

“Don’t like her,” Twitch tsked.

“See?” Eddie snarled.  “I knew I should have gone into Egyptology.”

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