What Do I Want?

“What do I want, then?” Jim asked.

“Jim, don’t do it,” Twitch urged his friend.

“Whatever you want,” the Legate told him, “you can get it with power.  Power brings all good things.  Power, and money, which is the same thing.”

“That’s true!” Adrian called out, and Mike elbowed him in the chest.

“I could have any woman I wanted,” Jim suggested.

“They’d line up.”  The Legate smiled a pimp’s greasy grin.

“Wealth.”  Jim grinned.  “The kingdoms of this world.  All I have to do is bow down to you.”

“All of them could be yours.  And you don’t have to bow down to anyone, including me.  You’ll never have to bow down to anyone ever again.”

“I could finally afford to fix the leaky radiator on the van.”

The Legate’s smile became uncertain.  “You could have any car you wanted.”

Jim’s smile disappeared into a flat, hard line.  “I want the damn van.”

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