Westercon and Fantasycon ~ Thursday


Look for me today at 1:00 in Deer Valley I and II at Westercon, talking with Deren Hansen about Orrin Porter Rockwell, Steampunk, and the making of audiobooks.

Then I shuffle across the street to Fantasycon.  At 3:00 I’ll talk with the gentlemen of Dungeoncrawlers Radio about The Geek Revolution.

At 4:00, I’ll join James Wymore and others for a discussion about From Disney Princesses to A Game of Thrones: How Fantasy has Grown Up.

At 5:30 I’ll be back at Westercon in the Boardroom, for a bring-your-own-drink koffee klatsch with David J. West, Scott Taylor, and whoever else shows up.

Tonight: filking at Westercon!

At all other times and in the interstices, I’ll be in the Dealer Room, under the big turquoise banner.


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