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I’m at LTUE this weekend.  Here’s my schedule, with nods to a few fellow participants:

* * *


Thursday at 8:30 pm — Zombie Rock Opera, with Paul Genesse, Carter Reid, and Craig Nybo


* * *

Friday at 9:00 am — Fantasy and Horror: What are the benefits of merging the two genres?, with fellow Space Balrog Holli Anderson and fellow Story Monkey E.J. Patten

Friday at 5:00 pm — Action Sequences, with Peter Orullian and M. Todd Gallowglass

Friday at 7:00 pm — Writers on Writing, with Mette Ivie Harrison

Friday at 8:00 pm — Mass Signing

Saturday at noon — Are You Ready for an Agent?, with J. Scott Savage

Saturday at 2:00 pm — The Ramification of Fictional Religion, with Eric James Stone and Brad R. Torgersen

At other times, come find me in the dealers room!

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