Bookshelf: Rescue from Planet Pleasure

MarioFelix Gomez is ex-military, a hard-nosed PI who operates on the borderlands between the natural and supernatural worlds, among Anglo and Mexican and Native American traditions, and sometimes between different planets.

And he’s a vampire.

Felix’s friend Carmen is being held prisoner on the distant planet of D-Galtha, whose warrior natives need her outrageous sexiness to re-charge their libidos, that have diminished from neglect. It’s up to Felix and fellow vampire adventuress Jolie, transported into deep space by the magic of Coyote and La Llorona (with an assistant from a Navajo skin-walker arms merchant), to rescue her.

Mario Acevedo’s Rescue from Planet Pleasure is not the first Felix Gomez novel, but it stands alone well. It’s not for kids, sensitive people, or lit fic aficionados, but if you’re looking for a hilarious, no holds barred mashup adventure story, it’d be hard to do better.

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