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51ZNs63iw+L._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_The Serpent Catch series is Jurassic Planet: in a far future, homo sapiens has terra-formed a world and filled it with neanderthals and dinosaurs (as well as sea serpents and dragons).

Thousands of years later, our hero is Tull, half-human and half-neanderthal. Not quite belonging to either race, Tull seeks acceptance by choosing adoption into the family of a neanderthal spirit walker.

That same spirit walker sees a heroic, and also tragic, future for his foster son. The sea serpents that protect Tull’s backwater homeland from incursions by “civilized” slavers are disappearing. Tull joins an expedition led by Phylomon, an ancient terraforming human whose life is extended and protected by the symbiotic blue life form he wears as a skin, to replenish the sea serpent population from their breeding grounds. His spirit walker foster father has seen in a vision that Tull will defeat the slaver forces… but in his adoption rite, he also gave Tull the neanderthal name Path of the Crushed Heart.

Spirit Walker feels like a classic “planetary romance.” It’s technically science fiction, feels like fantasy, and is one hundred percent adventure.

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