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Bookshelf: Slags and Embers

Debut novelist Brian Lindow has launched an epic of which C.S. Lewis would be proud. The Soulscape Code: Slags and Embers is the first of a series set in a ruined world. Deprived of its defenders (the three Forges of … Continue reading

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Connecticon 2015

I’m heading to Connecticut this week. I’ve spent a surprising amount of time in and around Hartford in the last year with corporate training clients, but this time I’m heading out for Connecticon. Here’s my tentative schedule: Friday 2:40 pm … Continue reading

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More or Less Connected Legend

“[O]nce upon a time (my crest has long since fallen) I had a mind to make a body of more or less connected legend, ranging from the large and cosmogonic, to the level of romantic fairy-story — the larger founded … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Hamlet’s Mill

I’ve just finished re-reading Hamlet’s Mill, for the fourth time.  That makes it the third-most-reread book in my library, I think, and the most-reread work of scholarly nonfiction. Hamlet’s Mill is about mythology.  The authors argue that myth, and its … Continue reading

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I’m working on a rewrite the main objective of which is to get more milieu detail into my novel Witchy Eye.  This is fun, and it has me thinking about ways to communicate milieu to a reader, in any book … Continue reading

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Crap, Man, a Trick!

(Perhaps he’s hidden a clue in his name.  Clever people often do that.) I finished The Dark Hills Divide, book one of the Land of Elyon series by Patrick Carman, over the weekend. I recommend it (middle reader fantasy), and … Continue reading

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The World Is Broken

I grew up playing a lot of roleplaying games (this was back when they were published as books, rather than boxes full of plasticized crap, and you had to provide your own pencil and dice, not to mention figurines, monster … Continue reading

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