Bookshelf: Enter the Janitor

9k=College student Dani Hashelheim doesn’t want to be a wizard, much less a supernaturally-skilled janitor, burdened with defending civilization against the incursion of blot-hounds and other Scum in the service of Corruption. Unfortunately for her, Dani is a Catalyst, possessing a gifted raw magical talent that can be used to mighty ends — good or evil.

So Dani gets shanghaied into the Cleaners, the supernatural sanitation service that fights evil. As apprentice to old Ben (whose familiar is a water elemental he calls Carl, living inside a spray bottle), she has to learn to use her talent in the service of Purity — or, to prevent her doing harm, the Cleaners will wipe Dani up.

Enter the Janitor is fast-moving, fun, and charming. It’s Harry Potter, but college-aged, and with mops instead of brooms.

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