Kathryn Renta, Latchkey Artist

GaneshaI plug authors a lot here. Once in a while, I plug some other kind of artist — today is going to be one of those days.

Kathryn Renta is a visual artist whose work encompasses fine art, graphic design, and even lettering. I met her through WordFire Press; she did the work on my banner.

You can find Kate’s website here, but it’s a little shamefully underequipped with examples of her work.  You can also find her via Facebook, and her page, called Latchkey Artist.  So look at my banner again, and also look at the two images in this post, as samples.


I can’t find the images online, so what you’re seeing are photographs of my prints.  The first is Kathryn’s rendition of Ganesha, which I have rested on top of my copy of Golem Arcana, and next to Hellboy. Because… Ganesha, Golem Arcana, and Hellboy, of course.

And the second is an infernal train. Sadly, some of the detail is not coming through the photograph, but this train has the mark of the Beast on its front, and ghosts pumped as steam from its engines, and a mysterious shadowy engineer. This is one train you do not want to ride.

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