Bookshelf: A Tale of Red Riding

51ehpfpij0l-_sx322_bo1204203200_We open on Red, a mouthy, motorcycle-riding orphan, driving into a dark forest in response to a letter from someone claiming to be her grandmother. In quick succession Red meets a potential boyfriend, her grandmother (the claim is true!), a goblin that tries to kill her, and then an Irishman who gives her the backstory — which is big.

A sorcerer names Ragnarok blew a chunk out of the moon many years ago, scattering magical bits of lunar rock across Wayward. These stones turned Ragnarok’s followers into werewolves, and the sorcerer was ultimately only stopped by one of the werewolves — Red Riding, the Alpha Huntress.

Now Ragnarok threatens to return from his lunar tomb. Fortunately, the spirit of Red Riding lives on — in Red. To rise to her destiny, she’ll have to gather a pack and master the wolf within.

A TALE OF RED RIDING is high-octane cinematic young adult action fun, sarcastic and sassy, that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is impossible to resist.

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