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41rrie0bbql-_sx331_bo1204203200_Jetta, Jaeia, and Jahx are triplets. They are also telepaths, in mental contact with each other, able to read the thoughts of other sentient beings, and capable of subtle — and not-so-subtle — manipulations, as well as the borrowing of skills and knowledge from other people.

As the first book of the Triorion series opens, the children work in a mine, exploited by their uncle. Their past is mysterious, but when they score well on tests administered by Dominion agents, they are enrolled — despite their young age — in a military academy. There they must excel at a military simulation called the Endgame, or else be sent to the front lines.

It turns out their telepathic gifts make the twins very good at the Endgame, indeed. But getting out of the academy is just the beginning for these extraordinary children.

TRIORION: AWAKENING is ENDER’S GAME meets THE X-MEN. It launches a space-operatic saga with sweeping scope, ever-ratcheting stakes, multiple layers of mystery, and a tremendous amount of heart.

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