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510nvwc3kpl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Keith is a gregarious, open-minded college student, with a gift for persuasion. He’s so open-minded that he turns in a paper for his Sociology class on what first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization would look like, so open-minded he’s willing to believe in little people, and indeed, so open-minded that when he comes across evidence that some fellow-students are getting special tutoring from an elf in a secret room of the library, Keith sneaks into a meeting of that class and gets himself accepted.

Unfortunately, he’s also so persuasive that Keith has already persuaded the student government to renovate that very same library… which would destroy the elves’ home.

MYTHOLOGY 101 is the first book in Jody Lynn Nye’s Mythology series. This is comic fantasy about a magical world that lies within our own, and the adventures of a good-hearted but sometimes bumbling protagonist who tries to live his life in both. I laughed many, many times.

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