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Bookshelf: Mythology 101

Keith is a gregarious, open-minded college student, with a gift for persuasion. He’s so open-minded that he turns in a paper for his Sociology class on what first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization would look like, so open-minded he’s willing … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Myth-Fits

The Myth Adventures have always been my comic fantasy of choice**. Discworld and Xanth have their places in my affection, but I always cracked up the most to the adventures of Skeeve, Klahd (human) magician, and Aahz the Perv (that’s Perv-ECT, … Continue reading

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City of the Saints in the Humble Bundle!

The year is 1859. US Army agent Sam Clemens rides west in his amphibious steam-truck, the Jim Smiley. His mission is to get the unruly Kingdom of Deseret, with its air-ships and its rumored phlogiston guns, into the looming conflict … Continue reading

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New Worlds!

As of the middle of the night last night, StoryBundle has a new bundle of books available. This one is a particularly huge bonanza, and I happen to be in it! This is a package of deal of ebooks, designed … Continue reading

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Bookshelf: Homunculus & the Cat

The cat has no name, and she won’t get a name until she discovers a deeper iteration of her self that reveals it. She has nine lives. Well, eight, after her death in Alexandria at the hands of a Japanese … Continue reading

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Pensacon Report Out

Last weekend I went to Pensacon, in Pensacola, Florida.  This was exciting for me, because it was my first outing as a Wordfire Press author, with the WFP team and at the WFP table. The team was Kevin J. Anderson, … Continue reading

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