I Am a Folksinger Now

If you watch my Twitter or Facebook feeds at all, you know that back in August and September I recorded a music CD. This is me (mostly), performing the songs and other music in my epic fantasy novel WITCHY EYE. Jumping through the Createspace / Amazon hoops to get this album available has been surprisingly tedious, but it is now done!

Here, first of all, are the “onliner notes” (yeah, I slay myself) for the the album, including lyrics and even guitar chords!

Here is the Amazon page. Man, is that not the most low-frills landing page you have ever seen? I’ll have to figure out how to get a cover image there, at least.

Here is the Createspace page, if for any reason you prefer to buy through them.

Oh, and yeah, I added it to my LinkedIn profile. I am a folksinger now.

A word about price. The minimum list price I could set for the CD and still distribute through Amazon is $9. I chose $10, because Dan Dos Santos, the cover artist, let me use the Witchy Eye cover art on the album, and didn’t charge me for it up front. But we agreed if I sold a bunch of copies, I’d pay him for the rights out of the profits… so it’d be a cheat to sell it for no profit.

Frankly, I’m not trying to make more money for me with this CD… I’m trying to give you more Witchy Eye. Plus, it’s fun!

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