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51mxovol2nl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Michaelbrent Collings has shown a great deal of versatility beyond the horror for which he’s known. Previous explorations have included epic fantasy and Arthurian middle-grade superhero; THE LONGEST CON has Collings digging into Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden territory, with a story about a private investigator in a world of magic caught between two warring factions (vampire and werewolf, natch) and trying to solve a murder that might set off war.

The gimmick, which gives the story real originality as well as much of its humor, is that the PI noir hero in the tale is Michaelbrent himself. And the setting is a big comic con-style fan convention. And many of the secondary characters are other writers who regularly appear at such conventions, here given roles in a world in which comic cons mask regular, massive meetings of supernatural folk.

There’s Kevin J. Anderson, here cast as one of the “Dead Ones,” the community’s heavies and Michaelbrent’s employer. And Brent Casselman, a case officer / operator who knows the PI and mostly keeps him line. Orson Scott Card makes an appearance as a powerful mage and Larry Correia is a magical weapons dealer, but the best writer-character in this story is me.

In THE LONGEST CON I’m a cyborg, and I analyze clues. By licking them.

This is Michaelbrent Collings at his wisecracking, fourth wall-breaking best.

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